Three Pillars of Corporate Responsibility

Our sustainability approach

In recent years, Mediahuis has made a sustained effort in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), wanting to be a pioneer. Our sustainability approach focuses on three pillars.

Trustworthy journalism

Mediahuis wants to have a positive impact on people and society with its journalistic products. In an era where fake news continues to be a problem, Mediahuis invests in quality journalism and pluralism both with the tremendous diversity of its titles and with the many different voices that are given a platform in these titles.

Unlocking talent

The company continually checks how everyone can give their best performance and feel good on the job, ensuring that everyone makes the most of their talent. The development and the vitality of its employees are key in this respect. Increasing diversity is just as important, as part of Mediahuis’s effort to become a more inclusive employer.

Going green

Mediahuis wants to be a climate-neutral – and by 2035 even a climate-positive – organisation. To this end, the net CO2 emissions of the printing and distribution of newspapers, of the offices and of transport must be reduced to zero. We examine the environmental impact of our use of paper and other materials for printing. Where paper is concerned, we believe in responsible forest management, short transport distances, and the maximum reuse (recycling) of paper.

Ethics and Compliance

Mediahuis seeks to achieve the highest standards of business ethics and compliance in all our activities.

The key message of our Compliance Programme is that managers and employees across the Group should be ‘Doing the Right Thing’ at all times. This means not merely following the laws and policies that apply to their work, but also exercising good judgement to ensure that their actions are seen as fair and reasonable.

Code of Conduct

Our Mediahuis Ireland Code of Conduct sets out the standards that are expected of employees across the Group in a range of areas, including dealings with customers and suppliers, shareholders and the community in general.

Code of Conduct

Anti Bribery & Corruption

The Group also maintains detailed policies on a range of relevant areas, complementing the general requirements set out in the Code of Conduct – including with respect to anti-bribery and corruption.  Each policy has a dedicated owner, and due diligence processes fall under the remit of our Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance department who monitor and report on instances of non-compliance and provide recommendations for remediation.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption


Employees across the Group are encouraged to raise a concern if any of our activities are being undertaken in a manner that may not be legal or ethical. Concerns can be raised with a member of management in the business where the employee works or with the Company Secretary. Our internal policies make clear that retaliation against any employee who raises a concern is prohibited.

Whistleblowing Policy