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The Kerryman, established in 1904, is the biggest-selling newspaper in County Kerry. The Kerryman is a highly respected weekly, and has some of Kerry’s best award-winning journalists, as well as a superb sports team. The paper is packed with local news, sports reports and both business and human interest features as well as great photography. We pride ourselves on local news for local people, in print and digital editions, and online. The Kerryman, It’s all about Kerry.


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Why advertise with The Kerryman?

When local enterprises want help to grow their business, they turn to The Kerryman. Since 1904, The Kerryman has never missed a week of publication. The Kerryman is first choice among advertisers because it is regional market leader, with an unrivalled readership in print and online. More than 75% of Kerry households read The Kerryman each week and it outsells its nearest rival by 85%.

Advertisers are guaranteed countywide exposure and branding for their business, thanks to the three different editions of The Kerryman. Also, the paper goes on sale every Wednesday morning, giving advertisers a head start before rival weekend publications.

Advertisers in The Kerryman also have the option of cross advertising with our sister paper, The Corkman, which ensures their campaigns reach not only the County of Kerry but across North and Mid Cork as well.

Our team will work with you through the whole process until you are happy for the advert to be published. Our design, editorial, and production teams are led by experienced professionals who know our publication and understand our advertisers and their requirements.

Who reads The Kerryman?

  • More than 75% of Kerry Households read The Kerryman each week
  • The Kerryman outsells it nearest rival by more than 85%
  • It is the biggest-selling regional newspaper in Co Kerry
  • Also, The Kerryman circulates in the bordering counties of Cork and Kerry
  • Print Run: 19,500
  • Readership: 78,000


Case Studies

Our key clients include many of Kerry’s leading businesses.  These customers are skilled professionals and know what works in terms of maximising their advertising spend. If you would like to know more about successful past campaigns please visit our case studies page, or simply contact our office to find out more.


The Kerryman is printed in a tabloid format and on line as an epaper it offers a diverse portfolio of advertising solutions across print display ads, inserts, advertorials, features, and magazines. Click below for more information on the formats available within The Kerryman.

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We offer a wide range of advertising solutions to suit your budget and objectives. Please contact us for more advertising rates.

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