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Do you want to book a print ad for a family announcement, a legal notice or to sell goods or services? YourAdNow is a new self-service advertising tool that allows you to book an advertisement in the Sligo Champion or any of our other newspaper titles in 5 easy steps.

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Why advertise with The Sligo Champion?

We’ve grown with Sligo’s businesses over the last 186 years and since 1836 thousands of companies have realised the benefits of advertising in our publication. Let’s face it, we would not still be here today if the publication didn’t produce results and weren’t valued and respected.  If we didn’t, we wouldn’t still be publishing 186 years on.  You’ve got a range of choices from small one-off adverts to fulfilling marketing budgets and campaigns; our publication can cater for all requirements.

Our team will partner with you through the campaign process from the initial briefing to going live ensuring that your objectives are met. Our team will work with you through the whole process until you are happy for the advert to be published. Our design, editorial, and production teams are led by experienced professionals who know our publication and understand our advertisers and their requirements. This makes it the go-to destination for many brands and businesses looking to advertise.


More than 75% of Sligo households read The Sligo Champion each week, outselling our nearest rival by more than 85%. It’s the biggest selling regional newspaper in Sligo city & county plus it circulates in bordering counties of Donegal, Leitrim, Roscommon & Mayo!

Print Run:        10,500
Readership:     45,000

Case Studies

Our key clients include many of Sligo’s leading businesses.  Our customers are skilled professionals and know what works in terms of maximising their advertising spend.


The Sligo Champion is printed in a tabloid format and offers a diverse portfolio of advertising solutions across print display ads, inserts, advertorials, features, and magazines. Publication Day: Wednesdays. Format: Compact/tabloid. Booking Deadline: Fridays 5pm. Copy Deadline: Monday 11am

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We have a wide range of advertising solutions to suit your budget and objectives. Please contact us for more advertising rates.

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We’re here to help move your ideas forward. The Sligo Champion advertising contact is Alternatively, you can call our office on 071 9169222 and ask to be put through to a member of our advertising team.

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