Advertising Specifications

Print Ad Specifications

Specification for the supply of colour/mono adverts in digital format, direct to independent newspapers/ production house

This specification provides guidelines for the establishment of good working practices in the creation of advertisements to be supplied to Mediahuis Ireland Ltd. By following these procedures, the full benefit of supplying in digital format – optimum quality of reproduction and maximum efficiency for the advertiser in the timing and cost of delivery of advertisements -can be achieved. Should you require any further information, advice or assistance regarding the digital supply of advertising, please contact one of our staff listed. This specification relates to the supply of colour advertising materials in digital format for the following publications: Irish independent, Sunday independent, Farming Independent Property Independent, The Herald and all relevant supplements.

Digital colour/mono adverts direct to independent newspapers

Colour files will be accepted directly through the adsend service to Mediahuis:

Adsend support/ mediainc contact Dave O’Reilly; Call: +353(87)246 0128 | email:

Digital colour/ mono adverts – direct to nominated production house

Mediahuis will accept colour advertising either directly through adsend or through any nominated gateway using adsend.


  • We recommend the use of sans serif typefaces for clarity
  • Fine serif typefaces should be avoide
  • For clarity and legibility, we recommend 12 point type or larger.

Reverse type

  • Due to the nature of the newspaper printing process, the minimum point size for reverse out text in colour is 14 point
  • Fine serif typefaces should be avoided in reverses. Fonts with fine lines tend to fill in with ink during the printing process especially when using colour
  • Reverse out text using colour should not be of more than 2 colours.
  • We do not recommend reversing type out of 4-colour

Graphic file format (colour)

  • Scan resolution: 200dpi
  • CMYK images, all separated elements within the file should have a total ink weight of no more than 240
  • Images should be saved with no embedded profile
  • Spot colours must be converted to process in InDesignIillustrator for linework
  • 4-colour black is unacceptable. Colour can shift misregistration occurs.

Page size area and column measures

Page type area – broadsheet (8 column page) 340mm x 530mm – Irish/Sunday Independent
Tabloid (6 column page) 255mm x 330mm – The Herald/Irish Independent
Tabloid (8 column page) 272mm x 340mm – Belfast Telegraph

Column measures – The Herald / Irish Independent / Sunday Independent / Sunday World

1 column 40mm
2 column 83mm
3 column 126mm
4 column 169mm
5 column 212mm
6 column 255mm
7 column 298mm
8 column 340mm

Column measures – Belfast Telegraph

1 column 32mm
2 column 66mm
3 column 100mm
4 column 134mm
5 column 168mm
6 column 203mm
7 column 237mm
8 column 272mm

Digital Ad Specifications


Section Take Overs

Section takeovers are special sections and can be filled with a combination of standard formats:

  • 2 Skins: 170×1086 (Static only) gif, png or jpeg images (max. file size 200KB)*
  • 1 Half Page 300×600 and 1 MPU 300×250 or 2 MPUs
  • 1 Billboard 970×250 or 1 Leader board 728×90 or 1 Super Leader board 970×90
  • 1 320×50 for running on Mobile

* When designing Reskin formats please do not have important logos, images, small print or T&C’s lower than 650 pixels from the top of re-skin. This is to ensure any users who have a smaller laptop screen resolution, will still see all of the format’s essential info. The Reskin always remains static above the fold on the page even when scrolling down and is therefore always in view. We recommend that the image/text is no wider than 140px within the dimensions of the ad.



  • Dimensions: W-320 H-480. Max initial file size: 100kb. Max subload: 1mb. Max user-initiated animation/video/sound file size: 4mb. Animation duration: 30 seconds max, 15s recommended. Logos or images to bet included should be in JPEG, PNG or SVG format. Please include all copy, Click URL’s, Call to Action and tracking links (optional). Preview link can be provided prior to go live.

Important info to note for Interscroller:

User should only have to take MAXIMUM 3 swipes of the screen in order to scroll past. Video asset must be in MP4 format and 9:16 aspect ratio (portrait mode). Mediahuis Ireland recommends uploading the highest quality video possible up to the 4mb limit. All concepts/storyboards must be submitted at least 10 working days before the campaign live date. Click-through URL should be for a page that is optimized for a mobile browser. All images and content are appropriate to the general audience nature of the page. All assets must be SSL compliant – securely served (https://). The ad cannot alter Mediahuis Ireland brand, or alter the page layout, navigation, design or content. The ad cannot try to launch in a new browser window (pop up/pop under) or shake the browser window. Minimise the device load for the user as much as possible – ads causing excessive load will be rejected.

Mediahuis Ireland supports the Coalition for Better Ads

Conditions of acceptance

These terms and conditions, applicable to the insertion of an advertisement in the Irish Independent, The Herald or Sunday Independent may only be varied pursuant to a written agreement between the advertiser and Mediahuis Ireland Limited (“MIL”).

All content material of an advertisement shall be subject to the approval of MIL. MIL reserves the right at any time to decline, omit, suspend, discontinue or alter any advertisement without providing any reason for so doing and MIL will not be held responsible for any loss caused thereby.

The advertisement provided by the advertiser must be legal, decent, honest and truthful. The advertiser warrants that the advertisement does not violate any provision of law, whether statute or otherwise; any Code of Practice (including the Code of Advertising Standards for Ireland); copyright, moral rights or the rights of any third party. The advertiser further warrants that the advertisement is not defamatory.

MIL reserves the right to edit, reclassify or alter an advertisement so as to comply with production and editorial requirements. MIL will not be held responsible for loss or damage thereby occasioned to the advertiser, by readers and/or any other third party.

MIL, its servants or agents will not be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the publication of the advertisement and occasioned to the advertiser or any other party howsoever arising, whether due to inaccuracy, error or omission or failure of an advertisement to appear on a particular date or at all, irrespective of any negligence on the part of MIL

MIL does not guarantee that an advertisement shall be published on an agreed date or at all.

MIL will suffer no liability in circumstances where publication is interrupted by industrial action, breakdown of machinery or any other reason beyond the control of MIL

The submission of an advertisement for publication by an advertiser on behalf of a third party constitutes a warranty by the advertiser that all necessary authority and consent(s) have been obtained by the advertiser.

The copyright in an advertisement originating in MIL (or the copyright in any material contributed by MIL which forms part of the advertisement) shall vest in MIL

The advertiser indemnifies MIL against any liability, claim or legal proceedings arising from publication of an advertisement in accordance with instructions supplied by the advertiser.

The advertiser undertakes to insure, where necessary, all material delivered to MIL to facilitate publication of the advertisement. MIL will not be held responsible for any loss or damage howsoever occasioned to the said material whilst in the possession of MIL. MIL reserves the right to dispose of such material if unclaimed within a reasonable time.

The advertiser accepts and agrees to comply with the technical requirements and deadlines set out in the current advertising ratecard and at Advertising Specifications – Mediahuis

An advertisement which is published in the Irish Independent, The Herald or Sunday Independent may also be published on the newspaper’s websites – and/or at MIL discretion.

A 50% cancellation fee will be incurred on solus advertisements booked in the Irish Independent if cancelled with less than three days’ notice.

International edition rates available on request.


Contact Details

Operations manager print advertising

Matt Lundy

Production supervisor print advertising

Eleanor Horan
Tel: +353 1 705 5882

Nominated production house: Typeform Repro

Alan Gregan
Tel: + 353 1 855 3855 Contact: Email:

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Advertising Specifications

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