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A lesson in water safety and risk awareness

As everyone went out to play outside again after the lockdown, Water Safety Ireland wanted to remind people to stay safe and make them conscious of the risks in our waters. They launched 'National Water Safety Awareness Week' and rose awareness among their target audience within the Sunday Independent and Irish Independent.

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What did we do?

Shockingly, every year an average of 115 people drown in Ireland's waters with 62% of those happening at inland water sites. The large majority (79%) of these are male and alcohol is a factor in one third of all drownings. To raise awareness and to encourage people to have fun safely we partnered with Water Safety Ireland to run impactful half-page print ads across the Irish Independent and Sunday independent. The ads ran for the week targeting their bullseye audience of males, parents, and guardians.


The campaign reached 501k males at the very start of "Ireland's Outdoor Summer". Also, the ads target parents and guardians and reached 1.1m of them each week.