Mediahuis X Betway


How Betway cut through to sports enthusiasts

Betway was seeking relevant and meaningful engagement with sports enthusiasts and cut through in a very cluttered market. Our bespoke disruptive solution delivered outstanding results for the brand.

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What did we do?

To achieve Betways’ ambition to drive relevant and meaningful engagement with sports enthusiasts, we partnered up to develop an innovative tailor-made digital display. To drive cut-through in a very cluttered market, we needed to challenge the creative norms of display advertising and deliver value to the reader. This came in the form of a media first, which provided live odds direct from while also allowing readers to calculate their potential earnings. This format encouraged click thru and registration on The campaign took over the Sports section for an entire month, ensuring mass reach amongst the target audience.


The results were outstanding and outperformed all KPI metrics and client expectations. The display campaign proved to be highly engaging, with an excellent click-thru rate of 0.25%. Our team is dedicated to upholding best-in-class viewability and delivered a viewability rate of 85%.

Impressions 6.5m
Total Clicks 16k