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How Laya achieve a 98% unprompted recall score

Discover how we partnered with Laya Healthcare to bring the benefits of living a healthy life to a broader audience through the Real Health podcast series, with Karl Henry, on

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What did we do?

Laya Healthcare was looking for new and exciting ideas to own the healthcare category in an approachable and authentic way. With two in five newsreaders regularly listening to podcasts, the team developed the ‘Real Health’ podcast hosted by personal trainer Karl Henry. With so much noise around health and wellbeing, our delivery of quality and engaging content on our quality news platform attracted a genuinely engaged audience. Top interviews included performance psychologist Gerry Hussey, Anna Geary, Johnny Sexton, and Simon Harris. The podcast was supported with display advertising, social amplification, and promotion via the newsletter for


The 2020 campaign exceeded all campaign metrics. Listenership was 22% ahead of target at over 1.2M. Brand consideration was at 50% post-campaign, with 18% stating they were ‘very likely,’ 32% stated they were ‘likely’ to consider Laya Healthcare. Brand Trust performed well, with 56% saying they were more likely to trust Laya. Unprompted sponsor recall was 22% ahead of the target of 80% at 98%. The percentage of those who listened to more than half was 87% which was 16% ahead of 75%.

Listenership 1,220,447
Unprompted Sponsor Recall 98%