Mediahuis x Cadbury

Display Native Advertising

"SupportHer" campaign

As sponsors of the Republic of Ireland's Women's National football team, Cadbury had a clear objective; to advocate for Women's football. We partnered with them on their "SupportHer" campaign to spotlight challenges and encourage nationwide support through informative, engaging, and accessible content designed to connect with a broad all-adult audience.

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What did we do?

The core element of the campaign was a bespoke content series of 11 unique and compelling stories, which Mediahuis' native editors crafted. Each article covered the theme of the progression of Women's football, providing different perspectives within the sport while spotlighting the broader issues of female participation. Ten articles ran as standard natives on, and an additional content piece ran as a premium multimedia native article, incorporating a unique purpose-built interactive map allowing users to identify and contact their local football club nationwide. We put women's football on the map with an interactive map featuring the 124 women's football clubs nationwide, the first resource ever published. Additionally, the Mediahuis digital innovation team created a bespoke game for engaging fans in a penalty skills competition, reinforcing Cadbury's strong connection to football and their core brand value; joy. A highly targeted mobile first display campaign ensured effective targeting of Cadburys in-store promotions.


The campaign's multichannel approach of quality content, innovative formats and sophisticated targeting delivered market-leading performance.

Native 132,000 Views
Multimedia avg engagement time per user 3:53 mins
Engagement time with Native 13.6k mins 
Interactive Game Playtime 102 hrs