INM Citywest Print Site

INM confirms that agreement has been reached with the landlord of the former INM print site at Citywest in respect of the surrender of its remaining long-term lease commitments.

In late 2019, as part of a reorganisation and re-engineering of its print division, INM took the decision to close the Citywest print facility with effect from March 2020. All INM print operations have since then been centered at the group’s print facility in Newry.

Webprint, a privately owned and operated printing company based in Cork, have agreed with the landlord to take on a new lease in respect of the Citywest premises. INM have separately come to an agreement with Webprint in respect of an asset transfer of the printing presses to Webprint.

INM already have certain sub-contracting arrangements in place with Webprint to supplement the print facility in Newry, and this transaction enhances the opportunity to continue this successful relationship.

INM is pleased that the planned decommissioning of the press plant will not now occur and wish Webprint every success with their future venture.