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The Herald has a unique journalistic voice which speaks to everyone. It's Dublin's best-read daily newspaper among the under-35s. Hard-hitting news stories, candid columnists and sharp sports coverage straight off the pitches.

Why advertise with The Herald

The Herald is the home of Dublin print advertising. We leverage data and research insights to identify and connect with your target audience.


The Herald reaches +46% more audience than the nearest daily competitor and represents a diverse range of demographics. To find out more about the Irish Independent audience, you can download the latest TGI research.



The Evening Herald is printed in a tabloid format and offers a diverse portfolio of advertising solutions across print display ads, inserts, advertorials, features, and magazines. Click below for more information on the formats available within the Evening Herald.



We have a wide range of advertising solutions to suit your budget and objectives. Please contact us for more information.

Evening Herald advertising contact

We’re here to help move your ideas forward. The Evening Herald advertising contact email is The Evening Herald advertising phone number is 01 7055333. Please ask to be put through to a member of the advertising team.