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The Irish Independent is Ireland's best-selling daily newspaper. Many of the title's reporters are household names. Over 500,000 readers every day appreciate the award-winning journalism and a weekly cycle of special sections covering areas from business and farming to property. Authoritative. Trusted. Independent. Every Monday to Saturday.

Why advertise with the Irish Independent

The Irish Independent is a place to escape and catch up with the outside world. This makes our readers more highly engaged than lots of other media, making it the go-to destination for many brands and businesses looking to advertise. These engaged users have an extremely wide range of interests and represent diverse demographic profiles. We leverage data and research insights to identify and connect with your target audience.


The Irish Independent reaches +46% more audience than nearest daily competitor and represents a diverse range of demographics. To find out more about the Irish Independent audience, you can download the latest TGI research here.

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The Irish Independent is printed in a tabloid format and offers a diverse portfolio of advertising solutions across print display ads, inserts, advertorials, features and magazines. Click below for more information on the print specifications within the Irish Independent.

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We have a wide range of advertising solutions to suit your budget and objectives. Please contact us for more information.

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We’re here to help move your ideas forward. The Irish Independent advertising contact email is The Irish Independent advertising phone number is 01 7055333. Please ask to be put through to a member of the advertising team. Alternatively, click the contact button below to see a full list of department and individual title contacts.