Journalism that matters

Mediahuis wants its journalism to have a positive impact on people and society. Every day millions of people find their way to our journalism. In search of information, insight and inspiration. In a time when fake news is everywhere, independent, pluralistic journalism is more important than ever. That is what we at Mediahuis believe in unconditionally and will continue to invest in.

This mission translates into a number of concrete projects, such as the Mediahuis Festival of Journalism, the Journalism Annual Report and the creation of investment fund Pluralis.

Annual journalistic report

In the Journalistic Annual Report, the Mediahuis editors-in-chief write about a theme that was central to the media over the past year. The result is a retrospective from the various perspectives on the subject. The Journalistic Annual thus offers a nice illustration of the diversity and uniqueness of each of the news brands in our portfolio.

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Festival of Journalism

The appeal of crime journalism, the approach to investigative journalism in the region, the use of data to get better stories and to find the right audience, and many more topics were covered at the first Mediahuis Festival of Journalism. Around 150 journalists from Mediahuis’ Dutch and Belgian titles came together for two days of new insights, knowledge sharing, joining forces and networking.

Safeguarding independent journalism

Our mission to make a positive contribution to people and society through our journalism is what drove us to become one of the co-founders of the Pluralis investment fund. This fund wants to help safeguard independent journalism and pluralistic reporting in European countries where this is not always obvious today.

 Learn more about Pluralis.

Mediahuis supports independent Ukrainian media

In times of crisis and conflict, independent journalism is crucial. Mediahuis believes that, unconditionally. In addition to our own journalists reporting extensively on the war, not only here but in difficult conditions on the ground, Mediahuis was looking for an impactful way to ensure that Ukrainian journalists can continue to fulfil their social mission and report independently

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