Mediahuis, the largest publisher in the Irish market, has been shortlisted at the INMA Global Media Awards under “Best Use of Data to Drive a Business Result” for its work with Permanent TSB.

In 2021, the advertising solutions team received a challenging brief from Permanent TSB, with an ambition to efficiently and effectively drive awareness of their suite of personal credit products which were being predominately taken for home renovations.

The team proceed to build a Programmatic Plus campaign with robust targeting perfectly aligned to the brand’s audience of homeowners.  Launched in 2020, Programmatic Plus is an award-winning innovative propriety product that has changed the way programmatic advertising is delivered in the Irish market. It has exceeded market expectations with its robust targeting, unparalleled transparency, and actionable post-campaign analysis (PCA).

As the majority of those who undertake work in their homes are aged 35-54 years the team created a perfectly aligned audience of homeowners with kids, reaching 66% of main decision-makers on Independent. i.e. (TGI ROI 2021)

Through sophisticated targeting leveraging contextual and behavioral technologies, the team delivered a campaign with market-leading performance and exceptional viewability rates which outperformed industry norms. The enhanced targeting was delivered through contextual and behavioural technologies, and post-campaign analysis was conducted by blending data from multiple sources which was queried by an algorithm and automated using GCP and Python.

Hughie Devine, Head of Programmatic Partnerships commented: “We at Mediahuis Ireland are delighted to be shortlisted as finalists at the INMA Global Media Awards 2022. Our “Programmatic Plus” product is helping us stand out in the market after winning at the 2021 INMA awards. It is really encouraging to be shortlisted again for the practical application of this innovative and effective solution in partnership with Dentsu Ireland & Permanent TSB. We look forward with real excitement to the upcoming awards in June”