Mediahuis Ireland is one of just four organisations within the Top 100 to increase its reputation score in the RepTrak® 2023 study.

The Reputations Agency recently announced the results of the Ireland RepTrak® 2023 study, the largest and longest running study of reputation in Ireland.

The fourteenth annual Ireland RepTrak® 2023 study is based on the perceptions of over 5,500 members of the public. It measures the level of trust, respect, admiration and esteem the public has for 100 organisations in Ireland, alongside 100 other reputation, brand, purpose and ESG indicators. The study was completed between January and February 2023 and captures public sentiment in the midst of a “new normal” that remains highly unsettled by the cost of living crisis, war in Ukraine, technology sector redundancy announcements and continuing fallout from a global pandemic.

Mediahuis Ireland  significantly increased its reputation score moving from 60.4 to 66.2, an annual increase of 5.8 that correlates to a positioning at 54 within the Top 100 organisations. This is an exceptionally positive result as an increase of ≥ 3.3 points is considered statistically significant. Survey respondents noted the quality and trustworthiness of the content and heralded the Local News Project which brought online access to 11 titles.

A widespread, cross-sectoral decline was reported as 49 of the 100 organisations studied this year experienced significant declines in Reputation, while only four organisations improved their score; Mediahuis, Eir, Sky & the National Lottery. Meta recorded the lowest score at 40.1 as its reputation was most likely damaged by recent redundancies.

The average Reputation score across 100 organisations dropped by -3.7 points which is the largest year on year change over the 14 years of this study.  Reputation, the emotional bond based on trust, respect, admiration and esteem, declined as the public became more critical of organisations’ intentions and actions in the face of price hikes, in particular energy and food price hikes, a series of mortgage interest rate increases and layoffs.

Of the 16 sectors studied, infrastructure and retail energy have incurred the highest levels of decline in both reputation and support over the last two years of the study. The Communications-Media sector (made up of Google, Sky Ireland, LinkedIn, Mediahuis, Meta, The Irish Times, RTE and Twitter) moved down to the Weak tier; its score at 59.5 which is down 3.3 points, was primarily driven by the very weak scores of Meta and Twitter.

The Irish League of Credit Unions took the top spot as the most reputable organisation in Ireland followed in the Top 10 by An Post, Bord Bia, Toyota and Blackrock Healthcare, Aldi, St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Boots, Lidl & Samsung.