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News Reporter Journalist Belfast

This is an exciting opportunity to gain first-hand experience in journalism. You will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of high-quality journalism in the real world by working closely with our editorial teams.

You will be given the opportunity to identify, write, edit and post breaking news in a fast-paced environment. The successful candidate must have a good news sense and passion for journalism. They will work closely with the Assistant News Editors and reporters who will support you alongside development and training.

By the end of our MET Programme, you will be able to identify, write, edit and post breaking news in a fast-paced environment. You will have a stronger news sense and be capable of working independently while taking care to ensure stories are verified, legally sound and fit for publication on digital platforms. Having worked closely with the Assistant News Editors and Reporters, you will have learned more about how to ensure our titles have a competitive edge and to increase audience engagement.

What you will be doing

  • Learning how to write, edit and publish breaking news in a fast-paced environment
  • Provide support to ensure all major news stories are broken on our digital platforms
  • Monitor several news platform and social media simultaneously
  • Helping our print and digital platforms achieve relevant targets – particularly in relation to fast news
  • Assisting the Newsdesk with the development of stories and online content
  • Carry out your duties at all times in accordance with the Editorial Code of Practice and relevant professional and legal codes
  • Ensure a high level of fast, accurate, fair and engaging journalism
  • Ensure that our output reflects the audiences that we serve – and helps to grow subscriptions online, increase our reach online and support print circulation
  • Delivering content to tight deadlines
  • Also handle general assignment and breaking news as directed by the news desk
  • Training so you are able to carry out your duties at all times in accordance with the MediaHuis Editorial Code of Practice and relevant professional and legal codes.
  • Attending press conferences, contributing ideas and asking questions
  • Covering the breaking news and keeping stories updated across all print and digital platforms
  • Training in interviewing people in a wide range of different circumstances and situations

Skills we would like you to have

  • Passion for journalism
  • Creative flair
  • Ability to work at speed and under pressure
  • Ability to conceptualise
  • Self-starting and shows initiative
  • Accuracy, fairness, balance, commitment to ethics
  • Flexibility / willingness to adapt
  • Detail oriented and highly organised
  • Effective collaboration and a true team player
  • Broad general knowledge and understanding of the news agenda across news, politics business, entertainment and sport
  • Use social media and other digital tools to source news information and to promote stories

Experience we would like you to have

As someone who is passionate about writing, journalism and reporting, it would be beneficial for us to be able to see some examples of your work. This could be in the form of a personal blog or anything you have published online and or in print (even self-published)

We don’t want formal qualifications to be a blocker or sway our selection. So we will not be asking about your schooling or qualifications. It’s your passion we are interested in.

Salary £21,000 plus bonus plus benefits


News Reporter Journalist Belfast

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