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INM has a new name: Mediahuis

INM has changed its name to Mediahuis. Now that INM has fully integrated into Europe’s Mediahuis group, it is time to move forward under a new name.

Who are Mediahuis?

Mediahuis is a leading European media group, headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium with operations across Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland and Luxembourg. With about 4,300 employees, and an annual turnover of approximately €1 billion, since its creation in 2014 Mediahuis has built a highly diversified portfolio of news media and digital brands, delivering daily news to more than 10 million readers, both digitally and in print. In addition Mediahuis operates a number of important digital marketplaces in the domains of real estate, recruitment and the automotive market.

Who owns Mediahuis ?

Mediahuis is a privately owned company registered in Belgium which was formed in 2014 as a joint venture between two publishing groups, Corelio and Concentra. There are three main shareholders with a shareholding in excess of 10% as follows: Mediahuis Partners NV (50.57%) which is ultimately owned by Mr Thomas Leysen and by Ackermans & Van Haaren investment fund; Concentra NV (32.31%) whose largest shareholder is owned by the Baert family; and VP Exploitatie N.V. (16.27%) which is ultimately owned by the Van Puijenbroek family.

Why Rebrand Now?

Since INM became part of the Mediahuis group in 2019, the company has undergone significant transformation and is increasingly integrated within the wider Mediahuis Group. The move now reflects the significant changes which have been made since the business was acquired in areas such as digital development, ethics and culture. Almost two years post acquisition, now is the time to tell the market that our digital transformation is a success, our strategy across Ireland, both North and South, is working and we are integrating the former INM more and more into the European Mediahuis group. Back to page.

Will INM now be known as Mediahuis?

Yes, since the acquisition in 2019 INM continued to trade as INM Group Limited but from the date of the rebrand, INM will now formally adopt the name Mediahuis and going forward all official correspondence will reflect the Mediahuis name.

Are there any plans to change the name or focus of its underlying brands?

No there will be no change to the titles or focus of our long established and market leading newspapers and websites. Mediahuis is the driving force behind a broad collection of autonomous and cross-media brands, each with its own culture and identity which will be protected and maintained, but with reliability, independence and a journalistic heart being the common denominator.

From what date should the name change be reflected for invoicing / payments?

We would ask you to please note these changes for all correspondence and invoicing after 12th May 2021, irrespective of what date the services were provided. This applies in instances where you may have received a PO in the name of INM for services engaged prior to the rebrand date but which should be invoiced in the name of Mediahuis from 12th May onwards. A transition period will be permitted where both names will be accepted for processing; however we encourage all business partners to update their records as soon as possible after 12th May.

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