Display Pro

Display Pro

Unrivalled in the market

Display pro is the gold standard in display advertising innovation and effectiveness. This proposition is unrivalled in the market;  offering advertisers sophisticated targeting, unparalleled brand safety, disruptive cross platform creative, in-campaign optimisation, and detailed post campaign analysis.

Sophisticated Targeting

Our dedicated data and insight team build audiences on first party behavioural data leveraging Oracle Grapeshot to create bespoke contextual segments which are further enhanced by the all-Ireland reach of the Mediahuis titles.

Unparalleled brand safety

Advertisers also have the reassurance that their brand is appearing in a safe and premium environment as each campaign is safeguarded with customised keywords, editorial tagging and sentiment targeting.

Disruptive cross platform creative

Our creative studio and the digital innovation team can partner with brand teams to build disruptive and effective campaigns and bespoke executions.

In campaign optimisation

All campaigns are subject to the rigour of Mediahuis in campaign optimisation which ensures they meet both internal quality standards and client expectations. On site viewability is guaranteed at 82%.

Detailed post campaign analysis

Display Pro offers complete transparency. At the end of each display advertising campaign a detailed performance report is provided to clients which informs future campaigns whilst allowing marketing teams to demonstrate effectiveness.


Bren McGillicuddy, Head of Commercial Digital Strategy & Innovation Solutions


Display Pro

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