Digital Innovation & Strategy


All about partnerships


When you launch a digital campaign, you want to be confident it will reach your target audience with the right message in the perfect context. And when it’s over, you want to know how effective it was. Our digital team provides end-to-end solutions to push your business and brands forward.

But first we need to understand each other. We both need to work out what works best for your audience. Digital campaigns are all about partnerships. We team up with you, apply our solutions and collaborate with you to zone in on your target audience across all the relevant sites, apps and social media.

There are a wide range of digital solutions: from digital display advertising (direct and programmatic), efficient display solutions using your existing social assets podcasts and video sponsorships as well as a range of other possibilities including innovative product development for e-commerce solutions and native content. What’s most important is what is best to reach your audience based on your objectives.

Developing new concepts

Our next goal is to perfectly match your message with a user experience which helps build trust in your brand. We develop creative concepts for new products and design them to feel fresh, innovative and engaging. Our team of developers and user experience (UX) designers apply the latest trends in user interface design and incorporate them into our digital creatives.

Tailor-made design and unique concepts are proven to help attract potential customers. We make sure that the look, feel, context and interface fits your customers’ lifestyles. Bringing your campaign to life like this leads to higher engagement and awareness for your brands. This could even mean developing products that haven’t even been thought of yet, such as games or innovative e-commerce experiences which spark a buzz in the market.

Maximise reach, impact & performance

Reaching your specific target audience is the next step. The way we do this is by integrating data with the creative. We maximise the impact of your digital campaign by leveraging our talented data scientists to target and analyse your audience with pinpoint accuracy. Our collaborative approach and data analytics ensure we maximise the reach, impact and performance of your campaigns.

We have a wide experience in data mining, data science and analytics which combined mean we can optimise your campaigns on the go, and provide detailed analysis once the campaign is over. This data experience is especially clear in our Programmatic Plus solution, which offers the highest quality performance and the most sophisticated targeting and reporting capabilities in the market.

Additionally, our Display Pro advertising product is unrivalled in the market, offering sophisticated targeting, unparallel brand safety, disruptive cross platform creative, in-campaign optimisation, and detailed post campaign analysis.

Our highly-experienced team gets the most from our data management platform (DMP) by applying our unique data-driven marketing strategies and implementing them to ensure we can design the most accurate targeting capabilities for your campaigns.

We know that you have worked hard to create effective social media campaigns. At Mediahuis we want to make sure that you get the very best from them. With this in mind, we created a new approach called Social Uplift. A unique advertising solution that runs your social assets as highly effective display advertising allowing you to engage relevant audiences effectively and efficiently.

Monitoring your campaign

Once your creative and data context is set, it’s up to the Ad Ops team to manage your campaign. Our Ad Ops people micro-manage your campaigns and content to ensure they get to the precise audience in a suitable context at the most convenient time.

The team monitors your campaign across all our sites and apps, to ensure an effective campaign outcome. Our Ad Ops team has an impressive track record — campaign performance viewability scores of over 90% are not unusual. The team also makes sure your message is seen in a safe and correct context, using the protection provided by high standard Brand Safety metrics.

Meeting your goals

When we join forces with you on a digital campaign, we go all-in on that partnership. We all work together to pinpoint, inform and excite your audience using the best-in-class standards of audience targeting, campaign optimisation, transparent insightful reporting and innovative product development.


Hughie Devine, Head of Programmatic Partnerships

Chris Gordon, Head of Advertising Operations