Respected heritage, renewed strength
Respected heritage, renewed strength
Respected heritage, renewed strength

Ireland's largest media group

Respected heritage, renewed strength

Mediahuis Ireland  — home of the island of Ireland’s largest media group, with a strong portfolio of news media and digital brands is the largest wholesale distributor of newspapers and magazines on the island. Since joining Mediahuis in 2019 as INM, Mediahuis Ireland has undergone a radical organisational and digital transformation, and is now fully integrated within the Mediahuis group. Irish national media heritage is being respectfully preserved within a group with its sights firmly fixed on tomorrow.

Protecting our National Heritage

The history of the various companies within Mediahuis group is closely linked to the long journalistic tradition upheld at Mediahuis Ireland. Many of the group’s titles have iconic status. The oldest publication in the Mediahuis group is the Dutch Haarlems Dagblad – first published in 1656. In the 19th and 20th centuries, many titles were established that still play a significant role today.

This is also true in Ireland. Mediahuis Ireland is proud to have within its portfolio of leading publications, titles such as the Belfast Telegraph (1870) and the Irish Independent (1905). But what’s often overlooked is that titles like the Argus (1830), the Sligo Champion (1836), the Wexford People (1853) and The Herald (1891) had been running for years or even decades by the time the Irish Independent and Sunday Independent were born at either end of 1905.

Remarkable changes

At national and local level, our titles have charted the remarkable changes on this island for over 150 years, playing a role in – and leaving a mark on – our political, social and cultural evolution. Our titles have fuelled and followed the national conversation all that time. The arrival of the Sunday World in 1973 for example came amid the modernisation of Irish social norms and values.

We are mindful of the role our titles play in society and in the proper functioning of a democracy. We are also mindful of the deep connection our readers feel with our titles. Therefore the change now is that the company which owns our titles is called Mediahuis, but the titles will not change, neither in name nor in their inherent nature.

Mediahuis’s strong commitment to quality independent journalism draws on the finest traditions of the past, while growing and developing our business for an exciting future.

Our readers will remain at the heart of what we do – bringing them the journalism that will chart, and sometimes shape, the decades, and centuries, ahead.