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Podcasts are on the rise. With over half of all adults hooked, podcasts are in the same league as TV*. They're your golden ticket to connect with your target audience. What's special about podcasts? It's all about the listener experience. Listeners actively seek content and take their time to consume it, resulting in an ideal advertising environment. *[Source: Mediahuis X Opinions. H1 2023. N=1514] Take a look at our suite of chart topping, award winning podcasts below.

The Indo Daily

Stay in the know on the go. Be part of the conversation that matters most. Tap into the daily vital stories of the day. Reach 556k monthly listeners as we uncover vital stories from politics to pop culture in less than 20 minutes. Become part of the busy lives of our listeners during their coffee breaks and morning strolls while we offer insights on everything, from the complex realm of politics to the sizzling trends in pop culture. ​

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The Left Wing

All things Irish rugby. Engage with discerning rugby enthusiasts through our podcast as we tackle top rugby stories, from news to post-game insights. Reaching 329k monthly listeners, our star-studded team features Rúaidhrí O'Connor, Cian Tracey, Will Slattery, Sineád Kissane, and Luke Fitzgerald, diving into the most prominent rugby tales. ​Breaking news, in-depth analysis, expert opinions and post-match commentary, every position in the field is covered. From scrum to try line, this podcast is the go-to for rugby. Tap into the heart of rugby's most discerning listeners.​

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Real Health

Karl Henry, a trusted voice in health, debunks health myths and serves easy-to-follow advice for the body and mind. With experts by his side, he explores the vast arenas of physical and mental well-being on a weekly basis. He leads our 60k monthly dedicated listeners through the health maze and connects with health-conscious individuals. It's health and lifestyle made simple. Elevate your brand's wellness narrative with the Real Health Podcast.

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The Big Tech Show

Irish Independent Tech Editor Adrian Weckler takes our listeners on a ‘techventure’. From CEO interviews to tech's impact on our work lives, this is where innovation meets information. We dissect industry breakthroughs, have candid chats with tech giants, and decode the latest tech trends. This podcast is the gateway to tech-savvy audiences. Partner with us to showcase your brand at the frontier of tech curiosity.

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The Throw In

Join Michael Verney and Will Slattery as they tackle GAA's top stories, and share exclusive interviews with star players to over 43k listeners each month*. We dissect the latest games and give expert analysis on pitch side strategies. This podcast is your seat to passionate GAA audiences. Let's elevate your brand to championship status!

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The Bel Tel

The BelTel, Northern Ireland's inside scoop! Elevate your brand to insider status in Northern Ireland's news landscape by partnering with The BelTel podcast. Join Ciaran Dunbar as he shares the stories behind the headlines with 121k monthly listeners*. Position your brand as a trusted insider in Northern Ireland's news scene and make sure your brand stands out in the news.

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Podcast advertising solutions

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Audience Experience First

Digital audio offers premium, trusted, brand-safe content to engaged listeners with 46% claiming to get deeply engaged with podcasts, sitting just behind TV at 47%*. Our suite of podcasts caters to a diverse, educated audience hungry for rich and enjoyable content. It features chart-topping, award-winning podcasts like The Indo Daily, Real Health, and The Big Tech Show.

Tailored Ad Solutions

Podcast advertising can deliver against all communication objectives from awareness to consideration to advocacy to attribution* and we’ve got a variety of podcast advertising solutions to suit any brief. From episode sponsorship to exclusive partnerships, all paired with multimedia campaigns. Our secret sauce? We blend captivating audio and video with a strategic distribution approach, ensuring maximum engagement and the perfect balance of reach and frequency.

Attention Meets Amplification

Audio advertising truly shines when we blend the magic of podcasts with the logic of digital media buying. Our research shows that 38% of Irish people claim that they enjoy or take time to listen to advertising in podcasts*. This powerful combination of attention and audience targeting can amplify your brand message in an intimate one-to-one environment but with all the data and transparency you get from your digital ads.


*[Source: Mediahuis X Opinions. H1 2023. N=1514] 

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