Podcast Advertising

Why Podcast Advertising?

We’re passionate about podcasts, and we’re not alone. Consumer demand for quality audio content is on the rise. According to the most recent Reuters Institute Digital News Report the Irish topped the podcast-listening leader board of a 20-country sample with 46 per cent saying they had listened a podcast in the past month, up from 41 per cent in 2021. Irish brand investment is also catching up with the growth in consumption. In 2020 Acast Ireland reported a threefold increase in the number of businesses which chose to invest in podcast advertising. Podcast advertising is the perfect way to tap into this growing audience and communicate your message to millions of listeners who are open to learning more about your brand.

Podcast Audience & Options

Listeners are diverse, educated and crave the rich and enjoyable content podcasts provide. Our suite of podcasts cover a wide range of topics with many topping the daily charts including The Indo Daily, The Real Health and The Left Wing. Audience engagement is the key usp for brands with the average audience being more engaged with podcasts than many other mediums and as a result “76% say they have acted on a brand message within a podcast” (Acast, 2018).

So, if podcasts are becoming a key part of people’s daily lives, it makes sense that brands start to incorporate it as part of their strategy.

We offer a wide range of podcast advertising solutions ranging from episode sponsorship to exclusive sponsorships complemented with a full multimedia campaign.

How Does Podcast Advertising Work?

For advertisers this medium provides the power of audio advertising, coupled with the technology and logic of digital media buying, so you get to communicate with a voice in an intimate one-to-one environment but with all the tracking, data and transparency you get from your digital display or video ad buys.

In an era of fake news, ad fraud and ad-blocking, digital audio offers access to premium, trusted, brand safe content.

Digital audio campaigns when run in conjunction with complementary media like OOH, digital display, search and broadcast radio drive significant incremental effectiveness.

The listener experience is special. Listeners seek out content and the content is delivered on-demand. This creates a powerful advertising environment.


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