Mediahuis, the renowned publisher of the Belfast Telegraph and Sunday Life, recently hosted its inaugural “Huis Party”, a captivating event aimed at advertisers, agency partners, and PR professionals. Held at The Titanic Hotel in Belfast, the gathering brought together industry leaders to discuss the evolving landscape of quality journalism in the digital age. The event was marked by the presence of key figures from Mediahuis Ireland, including Ed McCann, Director of Publishing Operations, Karen Preston, Chief Commercial Officer, and Eoin Brannigan, Editor-in-Chief of Belfast Telegraph and Sunday Life.
Karen Preston expressed her joy in hosting the Huis Party, acknowledging the challenging circumstances imposed by the pandemic that hindered opportunities for socializing and engaging with clients. The event provided an unique opportunity for Mediahuis to present its digital journalism strategy to its valued commercial partners. She extended her gratitude to all attendees and expressed enthusiasm for future gatherings.
A highlight of the evening was a dynamic panel discussion on journalism in the digital age, skillfully moderated by Sunday Life News Editor, Sharon O’Neill. The panel comprised notable personalities from Mediahuis, including Sam McBride, Northern Ireland Editor, Morgane Shanley, Audience Editor, Allison Morris, Crime Correspondent, and Ciaran Dunbar, Podcast Producer. The engaging discussion delved into the transformative impact of digital technologies on journalism and the ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality content in an ever-evolving media landscape.
Throughout the event, guests enjoyed canapes accompanied by refreshing beverages and live music. Attendees had the unique opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with Mediahuis’ esteemed commercial and editorial representatives, gaining valuable insights into the future direction of quality journalism in the digital era.
The Huis Party served as a testament to Mediahuis’ dedication to fostering strong relationships with its advertising, agency, and PR partners. By providing a platform for dialogue and showcasing its robust digital journalism strategy, Mediahuis continues to emphasize the importance of quality reporting and its role in the digital age.