Thursday evening, the winners of the 2024 INMA Global Media Awards were announced. The awards ceremony, held at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, honoured winners in 20 categories, recognising innovation and best practices in news brands. INMA received a total of 771 entries from 245 news brands from 43 countries across Africa, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Latin America, South Asia and North America.

Mediahuis won awards in several categories, with De Telegraaf (Mediahuis Nederland) taking gold in the Best Use of an Event to Build a New Brand category, for its campaign in which the leaders of the largest political parties in the Netherlands took a turn as editor-in-chief of the news brand for a day.

Mediahuis Noord received an honourable mention in the Best New Digital Product category for the ‘Stories App’, a news application designed with a focus on innovation and user engagement. The app has seen significant growth in active users due to the improved user experience.

The Irish Independent (Mediahuis Ireland) was awarded second place in the Best Brand Awareness Campaign category for its rebranding of the new Irish Independent Masterbrand, a result of bringing together three independent brands into one omnichannel news brand.

An honourable mention went to Irish Independent’s The Indo Daily podcast in the Best New Audio/Voice Product or Feature category for its submitted case ‘Trade On a Future Promise, Not a Legacy Product’. This honourable mention from the INMA Global Media Awards is one of many international recognitions received by The Indo Daily podcast over the past year. Kevin Doyle elaborates on the enormous success of the podcast in the Mediahuis 2023 Annual Report.

Mediahuis Ireland received two more honourable mentions. The first in the Best Commerce Product or Service category for the launch of its new online self-service platform YourAdNow, a low-value low-touch service model for advertisers.

The final honourable mention was received by Mediahuis Ireland in the Best Innovation in Newsroom Transformation category for Project Leap, which consolidated the local news offering under one strong Irish Independent news brand.