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Living La Dolce Vita

Birra Moretti inspires people to celebrate life’s simple pleasures by sharing the Italian vision of ‘La Dolce Vita’. We partnered up to tell the story of an immersive journey where people experience Italian authenticity at its best.

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What did we do?

Our writer travelled to Tuscany to capture the authentic "La Dolce Vita" experience of Villa Moretti. We brought the ambiance to life through curated immersive native content. Our innovative multimedia platform showcased deeply engaging content. At the same time, exceptional bespoke visual storytelling within the Birra Moretti brand identity immersed our readers in Tuscany. Together, we celebrated the joy of sharing Good Food, Great Beer & Good Company. The content was amplified through social.


We said "Saluti!" to the results. The campaign outperformed the article view KPI and most importantly resulted in exceptional user engagement of 3.11 minutes versus 38 seconds for standard Birra Moretti native content, proving that our curated immersive native content had people living “La Dolce Vita” through our campaign.

Article views 10,046
User Engagement. Avg time 3.11 mins