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Raising Awareness for Northern Ireland’s most common inherited disease

Haemochromatosis is Northern Ireland’s most common inherited disease. It is a disorder which causes the body to absorb more iron than usual from food. Haemochromatosis UK wanted to highlight the symptoms of iron overload during World Haemochromatosis Week. Here's how we helped them out.

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What did we do?

We partnered with Haemochromatosis UK and used the power of our native advertising solution coupled with human interest stories to bring awareness of the condition to the people of Northern Ireland. Native advertising allowed Haemochromatosis UK to explain important details that few other media solutions could offer. Together we highlighted people’s experiences with the condition, the impact it has on their lives, and most importantly where to get help. Social amplification drove further awareness of the stories and content. Contextual placement of display advertising provided targeted awareness for the brand to their target audience of men and women aged 30-55.


The campaign exceeded client expectations and KPIs with 1,169 native views which outperformed the target by 56%. The campaign also delivered 66,149 display impressions, outperforming the target by 5%. Social amplification of the native content resulted in 70,483 impressions outperforming the target by 5%.

Unique Views 11,169
Social Engagement 70,483
Impressions 66,149